• Falling heads over heels for Kanafeh!...


We are proud to have grown from a tiny shop into nine separate franchises that are filled to the brim with satisfied customers! Years of hard work have deliciously paid off.

The Özikizler brand, too, has flourished owing largely to the successful efforts of my three sons. There’s no doubt in my mind that will carry this inheritance all the way to the stars and beyond.

I simply cannot believe how fast time has flown by. It was only yesterday that we were running around in diapers. Today, thousands adore us! We began working in this sector very much in love with it. Now, we’re proudly marching forwards. We currently have nine locations, and our taste is consistent right across the board. We hope to expand even further in the coming years! I cannot thank our customers, staff, family, and friends enough for their loyalty. It is they who make us who we are!

We walk in the footsteps of a legendary master pastry chef! First and foremost, I owe my biggest gratitude to our father, Mehmet Durmaz, who has left us with this massive inheritance that has carried well into the 21st century. We work day and night in order to produce the very best. Secondly, I wish to thank you, our valued customers, alongside our beloved friends, as you have supported us unconditionally along this journey. We will continue to strive to expand and become a world-renowned name!

The world shall know our kanafeh!
Currently, one and only goal is to grow and chart new territory internationally. Not only will we continue to whip up new desserts, we’ll also maintain our father’s legacy of being a company built on honesty and sound ethics. We wish to thank our magnificent guests and staff, who both define who we are.


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